Night and Day Cafe court case { 5 images } Created 5 Dec 2022

Customers sit outside the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester's Northern Quarter on the evening of 1 December 2022.
A couple have claimed they received "very threatening" messages after filing a noise complaint against the Night and Day Cafe live music venue, a court has heard.
Rex Chesney told Manchester magistrates he and his partner were forced to move out of their flat on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter after online threats about their complaint against the venue.
The owners of the venue are appealing against a council noise abatement notice.
A council official told the court they had "witnessed a nuisance" at the bar.
The Night & Day Cafe has been part of Manchester's music scene for 30 years and has hosted a large number of acts on their rise to fame such as Elbow, Arctic Monkeys, Wet Leg and Manic Street Preachers.
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